Bulletin of the ICA

Bulletin Policy

We publish News, Scholarly and Research articles and welcome contribu- tions of any type. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, items in the following list.


  • News of members. Don't be shy about sending a photo! Let us know of honours you have received, sabbatical leaves spent in other places, moves from one institution to another.
  • Conferences. Announcements of upcoming conferences; reports of past conferences.
  • Obituaries. Memorials of our members that will be dearly missed.
  • Reviews of recent significant books.

Scholarly contributions.

  • Survey articles. These are exceptionally useful.
  • Expository articles. Expositions concerning some particularly interesting biography, story, topic or problem.
  • Presentations. Particularly useful presentations of known material for the classroom and innovative or elegant ways of obtaining known results.
  • Problems. Short precise announcements of research problems that are inspirational.
  • History.
  • Articles on the history of combinatorics and related areas.

Peer-review contributions

  • General interest research articles.
  • Articles concerning applications of combinatorics

Further information